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English College Portal/Faculty of Science and Arts in Farasan
Speech from the Dean of Art College

 Praise be to Allah and blessing and peace be upon the best of the messengers, our prophet Mohammed, his family, and his companions.

I am pleased and honoured to welcome you on the website of Farasan's Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Jazan University. I would also like to thank you for visiting the faculty's website. The missions and goals of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Farasan are inspired by the instructions of the well-judged leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. The Faculty works industriously in order to build the country's girls next generation. It also contributes to building bright-civilized model in which the leadership of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is seeking to reach. Along with the main mission of the Faculty in higher education, the Faculty is eager to strengthen its role as a leading institution in scientific research and community service. It is determined to contribute effectively to the scientific renaissance of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is also putting its expertise, capabilities, and the students' volunteered activities to serve the society and the kingdom's institutions.

Therefore, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Farasan starts with three major plans:

First, offering a good education that focuses on planning and implementation of the outcomes of the education, which lies on the framework of national qualifications, and placing all sides that are required to improve the education.

Second, actively participating in the field of scientific research, which does not envisage the existence of facility concerned with higher education. Our Faculty is seeking to put its mark in the field of scientific research, taking advantage of the facilities offered by the university, and contributing to offer useful solutions to the issues of Farasan island.

Third, contributing to the community service through the active participation in organizing and attending the island's events. One of the Faculty's priorities is   integrating into the community and being close to its issues where it encourages its staff and students to creatively share their thoughts and ideas that would enhance the close relationship between the Faculty and the community.

Despite the considerable challenges the Faculty face, but, throughout these challenges, it finds it a good opportunity to exceptional success through accurate planning and hard working to reach its goals.

We promise our university, community, and students to always be the first ones to provide what would overcome the difficulties and provide education that matches the standards of modern education, believing that we are all partners to make these dreams come true.

Dean of the Faculty

Dr. Afaf Bin Mohammed Ba-biair