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Terminology and Definitions


Academic year
Two semesters and one summer semester, if any.

 Period of time of not less than fifteen weeks during which courses are taught, the periods of registration and final exams are not included.

Summer Semester:
 Period of time of not more than eight weeks, the periods of registration and final exams are not included, during which the credit hours allocated to each courses are double.

 Study level:
It is an indication of the university stage, according to the approved study plans.

Study plans:
It is a set of compulsory and optional courses, its credits composed the graduation requirements that the student must successfully pass to get a degree in the specific specialization.

 Material within the approved study plan in each discipline (program). And each course has number, code, name, and a detailed description which distinguish in terms of content and level from other courses, and has special file maintained by the Department for the purpose of follow up, evaluation and development, and some courses may have
requirement or prerequisite requirements, or concurrent with them.

 Credit hours:
 Weekly theatrical lecture with length not less than fifty minutes, or clinical lesson, its length is not less than fifty minutes, or the practical or field lesson which is not less than a hundred minutes.

Academic warning:
to the student due to lower cumulative average GPA under  the minimum set up in the Regulations.

Degree of semester work:
 Degree granted to the works that show student achievement during the semester of tests, research, educational and academic activities related to the course.

 Final Exam:
Exam of the course held once at the end of the semester.

Final Exams Score:
Degree obtained by the student in the course of the final exam of the semester.

The Final Grade:
 Total semester works degrees plus the final exam degree for each course, the grade is out of hundred.

Description of the percentage, or alphabetical symbol for final grade obtained by the student in any course.

Incomplete Grade:                                                                                                                  

Temporary grade made for each course, a student can not complete his/her requirements in a timely manner, and symbolized in the academic record with character (l) or (IC).

Continuous Grade                                                                                                                                 

A grade made temporarily for each course its nature of study requires more than a semester to complete, and symbolized with the character (m) or (IP).

Semester Grade:

It Is calculated by dividing the total number of points the student obtained by the total credit hours of all courses studied in any semester credits, and the points are calculated by multiplying the credits by grade weight which the student got in each course, see Attachment (b)

 Cumulative Average:

Calculated by dividing the total number of marks obtained by the student in all courses he has studied since joining the university by the total credits s of those courses, see Attachment (b).

Overall Grade:
Description of educational achievement level of the student during the period of his studies at the university.

Minimum academic load:
The minimum number of credits to which the student should  register in proportion to the cumulative average, according to the decisions of University Council.