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English College Portal/Faculty of Science and Arts in Farasan
Vision and Mission
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Vision :

The College seeks to achieve academic excellence and attain diverse competencies in research and community service that attempt to implement development programs both regionally and internationally. 


Prepare efficient students who are equipped with knowledge and skills and are able to contribute to the national transformation programs and to consolidate the scientific research that can facilitate the development of Jazan region and highlights its identity and cultural values.


1-      To implement the educational policy of the Kingdom and impart university education and attain academic accreditation.

2-      Promoting scientific research and encouraging participation in the latest international research.

3-      Create a teaching environment that cares about students’ success and assimilation of what is presented to them as well as career development for faculty members.

4-      Establish an IT infrastructure environment, especially in the area of data management, digital libraries and e-learning.

5-      Promote a culture of independent thinking, innovation and help organize ideas and projects among students and faculty members.

6-      Expand the current academic departments with regard to the main areas of interest to the Kingdom .

7-      Involving different sectors of society and their beneficiaries in curriculum development .