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Congratulations to Graduates

Congratulations to Graduates

The College held the farewell ceremony for the graduating students for the academic year 1437/1438H on Wednesday, 7/8/1438 AH , as part of student activities under the supervision and attendance of its Dean, the faculty, members of the faculty and a number of faculty members and students. The program included the following series of events:

 -   Recitation of The Holy Quran

  - A march for female graduates

 - Speech of the Dean of the College

 - Speech of the supervisor of activity in college

 - Students' word

 - Documentary film for graduates of their memories in college

 - The ceremony concluded with the distribution of certificates of thanks and appreciation in honor of the female     graduates and members of the faculty and faculty members who participated in the activities of students by the Dean and Vice-Dean of the College during the year 1437/1438.


 News Date: 5/2/2017 Last Update: 5/24/2017 3:57 PM