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Education Affairs-Girls Section


Education Affairs Unit- Girls Section



Unit Vision:

       Upgrading the academic teaching and learning system of the academic programs in the college by supporting the students with high quality and accuracy in order to achieve the vision and mission of the college and university.

Unit letter:

Building an effective academic environment that provides educational services for students and faculty members to contribute in the regularity of the educational process.

 Unit Goals:

  • Work on the regularity of the educational process within the college.

  • Improving the level of student services.

  • Provide support and assistance to students and identify their problems  and provide solutions.

  • Provide information about the educational process and contribute to expand the awareness of the study, examinations, and knowledge of the academic system among students about.

  • Coordinating with the departments in the preparation of the semester  schedules.

  • Solve the existing academic problems and work to remove obstacles.

  • Achieve the education and learning goals of the college and university.

 Unit Tasks

  • Fulfillment the procedures, regulations and study rules for the bachelor's degree and ensure their application.

  • Coordinating with the scientific departments to facilitate the procedures that related to the functions of educational affairs.

  • Coordinating with the scientific departments in the preparation of the semester schedules and follow-up Inserting them into the system.

  • Follow-up the deletions and additions of courses.

  • Follow up the circumstances of students and solve their problems.

  • Review the equations of transferred and re-enrolled students at the beginning of each semester.

  • Follow-up with students who expected to graduate.

Unit Members


Dr. Hala Mahmoud Hossen


Asma Obaid


Zahra abo baker

Unit plan





Second week

First week

Collect the request of re-correction from the all department.

Second week

First week

Follow up the alteration process of absenteeism and the beneficiaries from the re-correction.


Second week

First week

Continue execution of deletion and addition form.


Second week

First week

Follow-up equations of transformer students


Third week

Week eleven

Announce the date of apology for a course or semester.


Week nine

Preparation of the semester schedules for the next semester.


thirteenth week


tenth week

Follow the next semester schedules for all departments and continue to insert it in the system.


Week Fifteen


Week eleven

Collect the names of deprived students and prepare a statement that include their names for the College Council.


Week Fifteen

Week eleven

Announcing the internal transfer date.

The Fourteenth week of the second semester


Receive the summer semester schedules from all departments and enter them into the system.




Supervisor of Academic Affairs Unit-Girls Section

Dr. Dr. Hala Mahmoud Hossen