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Lab and Equipments

Laboratories and Equipment's Unit

Faculty of Science – Jazan University


Supplying the laboratories of the college with the most advanced scientific equipment and tools and providing all means of security and safety so that students and researchers be able to accomplish their tasks easily


The vision of the unit is to achieve the vision of Jazan University to be one of the most global universities benefiting society


·         Providing the highest quality learning and teaching labs for the greater wellbeing of our students and deliver an outstanding educational portfolio

·         Enhancing the position of Faculty of Science to be one of the leading research and teaching faculties and to measure our performance against the highest international standards


·         The unit is administratively linked to the deanship of the college and works to develop the laboratories and instruments in all departments according to the following themes:

·         Following up the regulations of the university

·         Making data base for all the equipments and tools in the labs

·         Coordinating the needs of all laboratory devices and supplies for the college in order to ensure optimal use of available items

·         Preparing forums orders of the departments for instruments, chemicals, glassware and tools from the central Committee of the university and following up their securing from the central warehouse of the university

·         Providing the exact specifications for the required instruments and tools for the college

·         Performing the technical study for the tenders and making sure that the supplied items are matching the required specifications

·         Managing and following up the processes of supplying, installation, operation and maintenance by the items from the supplier companies 

·         Ensuring  all safety and security requirements for labs

·         Following up getting rid of lab wastes and expired chemicals

·         Developing  a policy for maintenance of laboratory equipment’s and a proposal for their implementation

·         Ensuring that there is a regular maintenance for the damaged equipment and replacing them with the end of each semester









Dr. Yahia S. Masrahi





Dr. Ibrahim A. Rudini





Dr. Ghali O. Souadi





Dr. Samy K. Ahmed





Dr. Mohamed S. Mohamed





Dr. Gamal M. Eldallal





Dr Wael T. Qasim





Dr. Abdo M. Hamed





Mr. Hamood A. Adawi










Unit Plan:

·         The coordination between the college departments for maintenance of infrastructure for laboratories and secure all means of security and safety

·         Preparation of a preliminary data base for all labs in the college in collaboration with the college administration including an inventory of all teaching and research laboratory with equipments and tools

·         Preparing and listing the needs of the college from instruments, tools, chemicals and glassware for the next academic year 1436/1437 H

·         The coordination with supplier companies to follow-up delivering and supplying all instruments and tools followed by the technical testing and installation of the delivered items

·         Preparation of proposals for the departments to establish new teaching and research laboratories

·         Preparation and delivering chemicals and tools from the central warehouse of the university

·         Following up and the maintenance of the infrastructure as well as laboratory and scientific instruments

·         Implementing a workshop entitled "Safety and Security in scientific laboratories"

·         The technical study for different tenders for delivering instruments, chemicals and tools for the laboratories of the college for the academic year 1436/1437 AH

·         Following up the observations of the Central Committee for processing and supervision of laboratory requests

Unit Reports:








Note on laboratories and equipment unit















Unit Coordinator

Dr. Samy Korany Ahmed