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Quality Assurance Unit

Faculty of Science – Jazan University


Under the generous auspice of His Excellency the University President Prof. M.A. Haiza, Jazan University has given great attention to the Faculty of Science and granted the Faculty great assets of buildings, equipments, laboratories, classes, and library. However, it is the genuine belief of the Faculty of Science Deanship that excellence of performance requires a lot more than just assets. The Faculty of Science Deanship believes that the power of the Faculty really resides in the excellence of programs, skills of teaching staff, distinguished students, and quality of graduates. In this context the Faculty of Science Quality Assurance Unit (QA Unit) was established in order to disseminate the concept of education quality, improve teaching staff skills, and raise the education quality to international standards. The QA Unit, therefore, represents one of the most important units and the corner stone of education quality.     


QA Unit Vision

To be a centre of excellence in the field of academic and education enhancement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


QA Unit Mission

The QA Unit is one of the academic units of the Faculty of Science is committed to excellence in the field of academic development. The Unit works toward offering excellent academic development services according to requirements of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation & Assessment (NCAAA). The Unit offers good quality training programs and runs seminars and workshops of international standards. The Unit also works toward improving teaching staff skills in adopting cutting edge techniques related to program development and teaching/learning international standards. The Unit works in harmony with the aims and objectives of both the Faculty of Science and Jazan University strategic plans of development. 


QA Unit Objectives

Adoption of International standards of education quality.

Dissemination of quality culture.

Exchanging experience with similar national and international QA unit.

Offering consultations for teaching staff in the field of academic development.

Improving academic performance in accordance with Faculty and University strategic plans.

Achieving national (NCAAA) and international program accreditation.


Members of QA Unit:






Dr. Hosam A. Hegazi

Physics Dept. - Head


Prof. Osama H. Sayed

Biology Dept. - Member


Dr. Salim Mahfouz Basis

Biology Dept. - Member


Dr. Mohammed M Fadali

Physics Dept. - Member


Dr. Rehab E. Azooz

Chemistry Dept. - Member


Dr. Merdi A. Arsod

Mathematics Dept. - Member


Dr. Amani Abbdel-Hamid

Girls Section - Member


Dr. Entisar Hanfy Elsayd

Girls Section - Member


Ms. Nashwa M El-Ahmer

Girls Section - Member


Mr. Nahari Hindi

Vice-Dean office

QA Unit Strategies

Running training programs in the field of education quality.

Adopting academic quality international standards.

Encouraging teaching staff to participate in national and international training programs.

Cooperating with similar national and international QA Units.


QA Unit Target Groups

Teaching staff.

Demonstrators and assistant lecturers.

Administrative staff. 


QA Unit Target Skills

Academic skills.

Leadership and administrative skills.

Communication skills.

Creative skills.

Self-learning and continuous education skills.


QA Unit Tools

Undertaking studies in the field of academic development.

Organizing training programs, workshops, and seminars in the field of quality assurance.

Offering consultations in the field of quality assurance.

Cooperation with similar national and international Units.

Cooperation with NCAAA.

Organizing self assessment and self study exercises.

Achieving national and international education quality standards and accreditation.


QA Unit Reports



Quality assurance


Course report


Primary self assessment


Course file


QA photo album


Improvment of instruction  and student achivement


Evaluation of Program Readiness for Academic Excellence


Backward Course Design


Dept. Course Report English


NCAAA Standards


Program Report Blank


Self Evaluation Scales


Self Evaluation Scales for Higher Education Institutions


Self Evaluation Scales for Higher Education Programs


Quality assurance and Accreditation


Teaching skills and strategies


Final report


Teaching skills


Standards, Evidence and Performance Indicators


Biulding up towards accreditation


Activities Program 1433-1434H


Student-Centerd Learning


Activities Program 1434-1435H


Activities Program 1435-1436H




Strateigic Planning