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A Word From the Dean


In the name of Allah the Merciful

 Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, prayers and peace be upon the noble Prophet and Messenger Muhammad bin Abdullah, Peace be upon him and his family and companions.

I welcome visitors to the site of the Faculty of Science - Jazan University. I hope that the visitor will find useful information about the college and its various departments. The decision to establish the college is part of the framework of the state's interest in the basic sciences sector to cope with the remarkable development in the world in this field, which requires the education and training of cadres capable of fulfilling the comprehensive renaissance of all fields. The Faculty of Science currently consists of four departments: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, as these disciplines are important pillars of the scientific renaissance in various fields.

The objectives of the Faculty of Science are summarized in several points: education, scientific research, community service, and the environmental preservation. When we provide the distinguished education service to our students, we strive to create interest in scientific research and its urgent need so that we can catch up with the developed nations.

In the midst of all this, we harness those sciences and research initiatives that serve our society and environment by applying the knowledge in different aspects of daily life, which is positively reflected in our society. The science department in its various departments is the first pillar of any targeted renaissance. It aims to be a training ground that would help to graduate a generation of scientists and researchers who shall be expected to elevate our nation up to the ranks of developed countries. It is noteworthy that the tremendous technological progress that the world is witnessing today is a combination of the efforts and research of scientists in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. Therefore, science faculties will remain the true nucleus of any scientific progress or cultural renaissance and technological development.

Therefore, this is an invitation to the visitors of this site, and the prospective students that shall be joining the university - God willing - to read well about the Faculty of Science and its departments and specialties and may you become one of the scientists of the future.


Dean of Faculty of Science

Dr. Ghaleb Bin Omar Souadi