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Vision, Mission and Objectives

Faculty of Science


Faculty of Science at Jazan University aspires to capitalize on being a gateway for higher education in science locally and globally



Faculty of Science is committed to sustain an academic excellence in teaching and learning related to cutting-edge scientific research and knowledge that delivers social and economic impact to meet Jazan University (JU) vision 2020 and Kingdom Vision 2030.



  • The provision of trained graduates equipped with Islamic and cultural values for serving the Kingdom.

  • Sponsoring talented students for graduate studies.

  • Promoting science and scientific research contributing profoundly to human culture and leading to wide economic and social benefit.

  • Improving students’ creative and interpersonal skills.

  • Providing cutting-edge knowledge and emerging technologies for students.

  • Training students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills concerning requirements of the labor market.

  • Fostering excellent national and international research partnerships.