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Academic Advising Unit 

Faculty of Science concern to activate the role of academic advising in higher education. The Academic Advising Unit was establishment by the decision of the Dean of the faculty of science Dr. Abdullah bin Yahya Al-Hussain at the beginning of the first semester of the academic year 1433/1434 H. The unit implement an integrated program in the academic guidance is the first of its kind in Jazan University. And It is expected that this program shows new plans to take advantage of past experiences of Arabian, regional and global universities. This unit is designed to provide excellent services in the academic advising to our students. This unit also seeks to achieve a number of educational goals for students and faculty staff at the academic Environment, in order to raise the scientific and professional production efficiency. In the unit we try to reach a high degree of quality in the academic achievement of the students, and the acquired skills. Since the main objective academic counseling is to provide students with diverse skills academy that raise the academic achievement and discuss scientific ambitions, all this is done through a variety of counseling services through individual and collective academic Advising, In addition, the academic advising unit helps students to develop their goals and make the appropriate decisions relating to their academic future, also academic advising unit simplify and facilitate the administrative procedures in order to provide the best services in short time according to the quality and academic accreditation.


 To be a distinct academic advising unit leader in providing academic advising services for students.

 The message:

 Providing academic advising services by helping students to understand the academic system at the university and remove the causes that lead to academic tripping


·         Provide academic advising services for various college students.

·         Find reference planning, administrative and supervisory guidance on academic college programs (Planning - Management - support – Assessment).

·         Design, implementation, provide and follow-up academic advising program.

·         Implementation of programs for the academic advising (training sessions - lectures – workshops).

·         Coordination with the college academic departments to follow up implementation of its academic advising.

·         Preparation the student guide of Academic Advising.

·         Preparation of forms and models for academic advising.



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Supervisor of Academic Advising Unit

Dr. Hassan M. A. Darwish