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In the name of Allah, the most Gracious most Merciful

 My colleagues and I are pleased to welcome you to the Department of Physics - Faculty of Science - Jazan University, which seeks to provide a distinct academic environment to achieve the desired goal of university education

The Department of Physics at Jazan University is one of the leading departments in the field of education. It provides academic and educational services to all students, ensuring that all students succeed in achieving excellence in order to achieve the needs of society and contribute to advancing the development of our dear country. The areas such as environment, technology, communications etc. that require a trained, scientifically qualified and skilled generation to contribute to solving these challenges are the need of the hour. 

The department supports other faculties in the university, such as the College of Engineering and Computer, as well as the scientific and applied girls' colleges, by providing faculty members with the teaching of physics courses in these colleges and reviewing them continuously in order to develop them to meet the demands of the labor market

The department currently awards a Bachelor's degree in physics after successfully passing 130 credit units divided between the requirements of the university, college and department. The department's plan focuses on basic concepts and practical applications in various branches of physicsThe department's plan also includes training students in scientific research skills by integrating and applying these concepts in the research conducted under the supervision of faculty members of the departmentThe Department also provides the opportunity for distinguished students to conduct their research at prestigious international universities under the supervision of the faculty members of the department and to pursue their higher studies in prestigious international universities through joint research projects between the physics department of the university and the physics departments in local and international universities in the framework of research programs and agreements forged with those universitiesThe department also has a future plan for postgraduate studies in both master's and doctorate degrees

If you want to develop the spirit of challenge and creativity and would like to know the intricacies of the universe around us, which God urged us to manage, gain knowledge about and benefit from in our lives, and if you can work hard and love to discover your abilities to meet the challenges; and if you like to contribute to the benefit of people and contribute towards providing solutions to the challenges facing the community and the environment around us, we are pleased to offer you every help to develop your skills and abilities. We hope that you will find in this website useful information about the department and what it offers to its students.

Chair, Department of Physics 
Dr. Jaber Waali Hakami