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Chair Message
Chair Message



In the name of Allah, the most Gracious most Merciful

It is a pleasure to write a few words about the Department of Physics and its contribution to our country and society, and also its contribution to the University of Jazan and the Faculty of Science in particular.

The physics department is one of the most important departments in the Faculty of Science, which was established in 2006.

Physics is concerned with understanding the natural phenomena around us, studying the relationships between them, and gaining a greater understanding of matter, space, and time.

The Department of Physics teaches general physics, material physics, particle physics, optics, and atomic and nuclear physics at bachelor level. We also teach physics at other faculties in the University, such as at the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Computer Science.

The department has recently developed a graduate program starting at master's degree level advancing to PhD level for those who wish to undertake focused research in a particular area of physics.

The department has highly qualified academic staff with many award-winning researchers who have published research in international journals.

I welcome you to the Department of Physics at Jazan University and hope you will be a pioneer of science with us.

Dr. Yahya Alajlani

Assistant professor of physics
Head of Department of Physics
Faculty of science
Jazan University, Jazan
Saudi Arabia
Email: yalajlani@jazanu.edu.sa Ext: 360