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The URP Previous Research Projects List

First Semester-2018-2019

  1. 1- Cosmology: The Origin of The Universe and Big Bang

    • By: Baraa Qassem Khahtani

    • Supervisor: Prof. Ali Ahmad Al-Kamli

  2. 2- Calculation of electron trap depth from Thermoluminescence Data

    • By: Mohammad Alsuhefi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Nurdogan Can

  3. 3- Magnetic Materials and Study the Properties of Mn-Ni-Zn Soft Ferrites

    • By: Raad Ali Kashwry

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohamed Eltabey

  4. 4- Calibration of SSNTD for Radon Measurements

    • By: Abdullah Yehia Gazwani

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mahmoud Abo-Elmagd

  5. 5- The intensity Distribution of the Interference Patterns Produced by Multiple-Slit Diffraction

    • By: Badr Shaabi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Abdelrahman Mahdy

  6. 6- Quantum Description of Ligh

    • By: Abdulah Mohammad Alfaifi

    • Supervisor: Dr.Sintayehu Woldemariam

  7. 7- Study of plas ma treatment on seed germination

    • By: Amro Yahya Alameer

    • Supervisor: Dr. Zaka Mujahid

  8. 8- Nuclear Fusion and a Review of Research Towards Steady-State Operation

    • By: Abdullah Qahtan

    • Supervisor: Dr.Mahmoud Mahgoub

Second Semester 2017-2018

  1. Plasmonics : basics and applications

    • By:Abdullah Gazwani

    • Supervisor: Prof. Ali Ahmad Al-Kamli

  2. Thin films solar-cells devices

    • By: Yehia Salamn Quradi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Abdelrahman Mahdy

  3. Lorenzian and Fano phonon lineshapes

    • By: Khaled Almalky

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohammed Bakr

First Semester-2017-2018

  1. Characterization and Luminescence Properties of Dy activated ZnB2O4 Phospho

    • By: Mohammed AliAlfifi and Khaled Moqbel Wadani

    • Supervisor: Prof. Nurdogan Can

  2. Analysis of Laser Heating Effects for Material Processing Application

    • By: Abdullah Sulaiman Almaliky and Ali Amir Assiri

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohamed Fadhali

  3. Preparation and Characterization of Magnetic Semiconductor Nanoparticles

    • By: Nasser Jaber Almalki and Abdullah Ahmad Ali Alazzi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohamed Eltabey

  4. Description of quantized light

    • By: Jobran Ali Tohary and Ali Hassan Agili

    • Supervisor: Dr. Sintayehu Woldemariam

  5. Buliding of ionization chamber

    • By: Yahya Hossin Yatimi and Naif Hossin Slman Otifi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mahmmoud Mahgoub

  6. Imaging technique by Scanning Electron Microscope SEM

    • By: Abdullah Mohammed Haroobi and Ali Mohammed Absi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Waleed Ghaly

Second Semester-2016-2017

  1. Attenuation of X-rays

    • By: Abdullah Ali Ahmad Majrashi, Abdullah Yahya Jaber Alfaif, and Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Barqy

    • Supervisor: Dr. Hosam Hegazy

  2. Time-resolved imaging of dielectric barrier discharges

    • By: Nabeel Mujammamy, Yousef Almalki, and Mahdi Mohammed Assiry

    • Supervisor: Dr. Zaka ul Islam Mujahid

  3. Thin films solar-cells devices

    • By: Badr Abdulah Ali Hazazi, Fahd Ali Hissin Hakami, Mohamed Ismail Pakachi, and Ali Mohamed Ali Abssi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohammed Soltani

First Semester-2016-2017

  1. Calculation of some attenuation properties by XCOM

    • By:Maged Esa Radwan, Khaled Mohammed Homady, and Hafez Abdullah Ahmed Ryany

    • Supervisor: Dr. Ali Mostafa

  2. Microwave Propagation in Parallel-Plate Waveguide

    • By: Mohammed Ali Almanjahi, Abdu Yahya Fodily, and Mohammed Yahya Khabrani

    • Supervisor: Dr. Abdelrahman Mahdy

  3. Study of a Particle Physics Detector

    • By: Mohammed Waly, Khalid Mohammed Koriri, and Hussain Alwani

    • Supervisor: Dr. Hossain Ahmed

  4. Plasma-induced non-equilibrium liquid chemistry for the fabrication of metal nanoparticles

    • By: Hatim Yahya Otif, Ahmad Hassan Haroobi, and Ali Muhalhil

    • Supervisor: Dr. Zaka ul Islam Mujahid

  5. Detection of electromagnetic fields resources in are RF cavity

    • By: Ibrahim Jaber Hakami, Khalid Ayuob Majrashi, and Abdulrahman Mohammed Majrashi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Masroor Bukhari

  6. Study of a Gamma Detection System for Medical Diagnostic

    • By: Abdullah Yahya Al-Khalidi, Yousuf Ali Al-Faify, and Khalid Essa Al-Otaifi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Masroor Bukhari

  7. Future Nuclear Reactor Type and Location in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    • By: Ahmed Yazid Ahmed and Soliman Yahya Ahmed

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mahmoud Mahgoub

Second Semester-2015-2016

  1. Modeling of Erbium doped fiber amplifier

    • By: Ali Yahya Hassan Hummdi, Bandar Yahya Almalki, Sultan Salman Alqaisi, and Ali Mohammed Absi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohammed Fadhali

  2. Electromagnetic radiation from a Hertzain electric dipole

    • By: Abdulrhman Ali Musa Khalw, Mohammed Ebrahim Ali Sherwani, and Sultan Ali Alqaissi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Abdelrahman Mahdy

  3. Study of Black Holes – it’s formation, evolution and fate

    • By: Amin Ahmad Amin, Fahd Mohmmed Almahnshi, and Khaled Yahya Aqeli

    • Supervisor: Dr. Hossain Ahmed

  4. Investigation of plasma aided fabrication of nanoparticles

    • By: Ibrahim Mohammed Jawhali, Naif Mohammed Zaila, and Hassan Ali Al-Abdali

    • Supervisor: Dr. Zaka ul Islam Mujahid

  5. The Detection of Gamma Rays with Avalanche Photodiodes

    • By: Ali Muhammad Abduh Tuhari, Hadi Moosa Tuhari, and Muhammed Abduh Wali Hakami

    • Supervisor: Dr. Masroor Bukhari

First Semester-2015-2016

  1. Effects of Doping, Resistance and Temperature on the Performance of Si and GaAs Solar Cells

    • By: Hussain Ibraim Hummadi, Ahmad Yahia Mahnashi, Ali Atyah Jerib, and Ahmad Mozid Homadi

    • Supervisor: Dr.Gamal El-Dallal

  2. Attenuation of X-rays

    • By: Yahia Jaber Sahlooly , Yahia Ali Haroobi, Haytham Jaber Shabi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Hosam Hegazy

  3. Study of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

    • By: Zaher Mohammed Mhazari, Abdul Wahab Abbas Shawk, and Salman Zaher Abdli

    • Supervisor: Dr. Sabar Hutagalung

  4. XCOM for calculating mass attenuation coefficient

    • By: Mohmmad Ali Ahmad Asire, Abdulaziz Mohammed Aldachoch, and Hassan Gabbar Hakami and Sultan Hassan Hakami

    • Supervisor: Dr. Ali Mostafa

  5. Oblique Impact on Rough Surface

    • By: Mazen Awaji Hakami, Youssef Abbas Kussadi, and Abdullah Ahmed Al Qaisi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Rachid Karmouch

  6. Study of the pairing order parameters of the s-wave and d-wave superconductors

    • By: Nayef Mohammad Shajri and Abdulatif Salman Alfaifi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohammed Bakr

  7. Investigation of Plasma Aided Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide Contamination

    • By: Tarek Hasan Alqadi, Muhammad Mohson Alkalde , Osamh Essa Dahlan, and Faisal Yahya Harobi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Zaka ul Islam Mujahid

  8. Study for a Future Nuclear Reactor in KSA

    • By: Meshal Al-Otaibi, Abdelaziz Sahloli, and Magbool Al-Hakami

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mahmoud Mahgoub

  9. Chiral Perturbation Theory; an Efective Method of QCD at Low Energy Scale

    • By: Hashim Mohashan Moshary, Abdulaziz Qahtani, and Mansour Jaber Alwdanie

    • Supervisor: Dr. Galib Souadi

Second Semester-2014-2015

  1. Thermoluminescence basic theory applications

    • By: Majed Yahya faqih, Tariq Ahemad Homdi, and Jehad Abdullah Alhakami

    • Supervisor: Dr. Nurdogan Can

  2. Calculating of photon attenuation parameters of some materials

    • By: Abdalrahman Yhya Mnaaee, Hosam Abdo Wafi, and Waleed Nasser Al-Asmari

    • Supervisor: Dr. Ali Mostafa

  3. Analysis of the phononic Raman spectra of the high temperature superconductor YBa2Cu3O7

    • By: Yahia Mohammad Homadi, Haitham Gaber Shaabi, and Ahmad Hassan Sahloli

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohammad Bakr

  4. Study of an elementary particle detector

    • By: Mosa Hassan Alfaifi, Salman Salem Almalki, and Al Hassan Yahya Al Qaysi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Hossain Ahmed

  5. Investigation of dielectric barrier discharge in Argon

    • By: Ahmad Nasser Mohammed Sharife, Hassan Mohammed Hakami, and Abdulah Ibrahim Khurmi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Zaka ul Islam Mujahid

  6. Study of a plasma system for the destruction of hydrogen sulphide waste

    • By: Fawaz Ahmed Omeish, Khalid Hossin Sanaa, and Majid Sultan Shaiban

    • Supervisor: Dr. Zaka ul Islam Mujahid

  7. The Nuclear Shell Model. A try to understand

    • By: Faisal Hayyan Al-Malki, Yossif Hassan Al malki, and Mosed Sead Mana

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mahmoud Mahgoub

  8. Modeling of optical directional coupler

    • By: Mousa Jaber ALjathmi, Nasser Ibrahim Mshari, and Ali Salim Talidi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohamed Fadhali

  9. A review on some materials for solar cells devices

    • By: Yahya Hussein Ghazwani, Mahdi Yahya Dahssi, and Mohmmed Yahya Gazwani

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohammed Soltani

First-Semester 2014-2015

  1. Ion beam processing for silicon

    • By: Mohammed Hossain Dogri, Abdulrahman Yahia Kriri and Yahia Ibrahim Qrtas

    • Supervisor: Dr. Yousuf Pyar

  2. Luminescence response study of Dy and Tm doped CaSO4 dosimeters

    • By: Ahmed Hasan Halawy and Ibrahim Muhammed Mahnashi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Nurdogan Can

  3. Effects of Doping, Resistance and Temperature on the Performance of GaAs Solar Cells

    • By: Mazen Mohammad Basheeri, Abdulrahman Mohammad Qadiri and Ali Mohammad Hakami

    • Supervisor: Dr. Gamal El-Dallal

  4. Reflection and transmission of radio waves by dielectric materials

    • By: Majed Ahmed Hazazi, Ali Mohammad Mahnashy and Khaled Saleh Yatemy

    • Supervisor: Dr. Abdelrahman Mahdy

  5. Dynamics of a bouncing ball on a vibrating table

    • By: Abdalaziz Ezadeen Masry and Essam Mohamed Harisi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Hamid El hor

  6. Wettability of surfaces

    • By: Ganem Theeb Ganem and Mubarek Murai Al Saleh

    • Supervisor: Dr. Rachid Karmouch

  7. Review of the basics of the quantum properties of light

    • By: Hassan Otman Harob and Saad Ali Khbrani

    • Supervisor: Dr.Sintayehu Woldemariam

  8. Study of the electromagnetic calorimeter with the BABAR detector

    • By: Ahmed Mosa Ayashi and Basem Ibrahim Kariri

    • Supervisor: Dr. Hossain Ahmed

  9. Numerical integration of the gravitational N-body problem: Applications to spacecraft trajectory calculations

    • By:Abdulrahman Abdullah Khubrani

    • Supervisor: Dr. Fabrizio Pinto

  10. Vibrational spectrum of H2+ molecular ion

    • By: Hussein Mohammed Al tharwi and Abdalrahim Ahmad Al Khaldi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Djamal Rabli

  11. A Study of the Scintillating fiber Detector in the Dark Matter search APEX experiment

    • By: Gubran Yahya Khobrany, Ibrahim Abdallah Otif and Ahmed Muhammed Mojammi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Masror Bukhari

  12. D evelopment and investigation of a radio-frequency (RF) micro atmospheric pressure plasma jet

    • By: Abdullah Hussain Hzzazi and Omar Mohammed AlFaifi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Zaka ul Islam Mujahid

  13. Study of a temperature sensor using fiber bragg grating (FBG) system

    • By: Mohammad Hassan Goradi, Yahya Hasan Somily and Ibrahim Yahya Guradi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohamed Fadhali

  14. Magneto-optical trap of atoms: Characterization and optimization

    • By:Yahya Ahmed Khobrani and Jaber Ali Ahmed Sharahi

    • Supervisor: Dr.. Ridha Horchani

Second-Semester 2013-14

  1. Casimir force betwen two mirrors

    • By: Hussein Essa Kriri, Tarek Ahmed Kriri, and Ahmed Ali Asiri

    • Supervisor: Dr. Fathi AbdelMalek

  2. Study of noise pollution level at Gizan city and airport

    • By: Osama Abdullah Madkhali

    • Supervisor: Dr. Yousuf Pyar

  3. Studying the Parameters Affecting the Performance of Solar Cells

    • By: Gharbi Hamad Ael Shajiri , Essa Ahmad Tamah, and Mohammed Yahya Sahli

    • Supervisor: Dr. Gamal El-Dallal

  4. Study on the Growth of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Nanostructures and Their Gas Sensing Application

    • By: Abdurhman Hassan Mubarki, Ali Mohammed Muhzari, and Ali Mohammed Nushaili

    • Supervisor: Dr. Sabar Hutagalung

  5. Study the structure and electrical properties of the Sn-9Zn-1Ag ternary alloy

    • By: Ahmed Ibrahim Mahasi, Khalid Abdullah Hadadi, and Abdulrahman Shepan Faqeeh

    • Supervisor: Dr. El-Said Gouda

  6. Determination of Radiation Background in Tilan Mountain

    • By: Murad Abdullh Kinany, Hady Yhia Elmalky,and Meshel Mohammed Zakan

    • Supervisor: Dr. Ali Mostafa

  7. Dispersion of light beam in uniaxial optical crystals

    • By: Hassan Hassan Alfifi, Aidh Gradi Marwi, and Fahd Hassan Alomary

    • Supervisor: Dr. Abdelrahman Mahdy

  8. Nuclear radioactive decay of some isotopes

    • By: Aissa Yahya Ghazwani, Abdallah Qassim Ghazwani, and Ahmad Mohammed Muswadi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Elsayed Elmaghraby

  9. Heat Transfer through Plane Walls

    • By:Khaled Ali Nimassi, Mohammed Ahmed Al Harbi, and Mohammed Alhazmi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Rachid Karmouch

  10. Surface Plasmon: Introduction and Basics

    • By: Ahmad Mohammed Thobab, Nasser Hassan Sahg, and Al Hassan Kuriri

    • Supervisor: Dr. Sintayehu Woldemariam

  11. Electromagnetic waves in photonic crystals

    • By: Mosa mohammed khobrani, Abdallah Nacheb Hamdi, and Hayder Mohaamed Abdu Kariry

    • Supervisor: Dr. Walid Aroua

  12. Particle Detection with Particle Detector

    • By: Mohammed Saleh Babgi, Saleh Al Amri, and Ahmed Ali Jobran

    • Supervisor: Dr. Hossain Ahmed

  13. Fluid model of radio frequency plasma in Silane

    • By: Yahya Ali Nashily, Abdur Rahman Ali Najee, Hassan Ali Khabrani, and Muhammad Ahmed Hakami

    • Supervisor: Dr. Zaka ul Islam Mujahid

  14. study of the H2+ molecular ion

    • By: Mousa Hussain Sarawi, Ahmed Asad Alwadan, and Mousa Mohammed Madkhali

    • Supervisor: Dr. Djamal Rabli

  15. Calculating the reaction cross-section using the CHUCK3 code

    • By: Ahmed Ali Tawashi, Ibrahim Refaei, and Abdullah Mousa Bagan

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mahmoud Mahgoub

First-Semester 2013-14

  1. Optical Power in Bragg Gratings

    • By: Yahya Salim Almalky, Moussa Mohamed KahTani, and Ibrahim Gahmash

    • Supervisor: Dr. Fathi AbdelMalek

  2. Effect of Temperature on Effective Density of States and Carrier Concentrations of GaAs, InP and InAs Semiconductors

    • By: Husain Gaber Mashnfi and Abdullah Ahmad Assiri

    • Supervisor: Prof. Yousuf Pyar Ali

  3. Study of Light Responses on Silicon Nanowire Arrays Fabricated by Electroless Etching

    • By: Raed Abdullh Areshi, Abdu Rabo Mohamed Fgihy, and Hassan Jaber Khabrani

    • Supervisor: Dr. Sabar Hutagalung

  4. Infrared Light Beam Propagation in Single Mode and Multimode Optical Fibers

    • By: Fawaz Abu Al-Qasim Zakan, Mohammed Zayed Sahlouli, and Faisal Mohammed Mashhour

    • Supervisor: Dr. Abdelrahman Mahdy

  5. The Peltier Effect

    • By: Nasser Suliman Sahari and Waleed Ali Mubaraki

    • Supervisor: Dr. Rachid Karmouch

  6. The physics of YBa2Cu3O7/La1-xCaxMnO3 superlattices

    • By: Saud Yahia Alkhaldi, Ahmad Abdullah Hazazi, Salman Abdo Hussein Fagihi, and Abdulrahman Abdullah Radwan

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohammed Bakr

  7. Study of the Electromagnetic Calorimeter in Particle Physics Experiment

    • By: Khalid Jebril Alabdali, Mohanad Saleh Babgi, and Hitham Asere

    • Supervisor: Dr. Hosain Ahmad

  8. Influence of the Asymmetry in a Radio frequency Capacitively Coupled plasma

    • By: Ali Musa Attia, Faisal Muhammad Al-Ammari, Raad Hasan Ajeebi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Zaka ul Islam Mujahid

  9. Scintillating Counters in Particle Physics

    • By: Jubran Abdullah Quhal and Ali Ahmed Mugri

    • Supervisor: Dr. Masroor Bukhari

  10. Kinematic Calculations for a Single Neutron Transfer Reaction (A try to simulate a nuclear reaction)

    • By: Abdullah Qasim Hegri, Suliman Kolibe, and Amer Hakmi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mahmoud Mahgoub

Second-Semester 2012-13

  1. D.C Conduction Mechanisms in Natural Glass (Quartz-Abha-K.S.A)

    • By: Naif Fetais, Ali Assiri and Sulaiman Ghazwani

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mahmoud Aziz

  2. Distritbuted Bragg Reflection for Laser Application

    • By: Mohammed Sharhili, Mohammed Gazwani, and Yahya Quhl

    • Supervisor: Dr. Fathi AbdelMalek

  3. Determination of the thickness of a sheet of pure metal using spectral X-ray attenuation method

    • By:Abdulrhman Sholan, Mohamed Yahyawy and Saud Al-Athwany

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohamed Hawash

  4. Materials, classification, characterization and applications

    • By: Mohammed Faqihi and Sami Kirire

    • Supervisor: Dr. El Said Gouda

  5. Assessment of Natural Radioactivity in TENORM Samples Using Liquid Scintillation Detector

    • By: Galal Gharawi, Hatem Mubarki and Hussein Hamadi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Khaled Salman

  6. Skin Effect of Some Conducting Materials at Different Electromagnetic Spectrum Regions

    • By:Abdullah Al-Saiaei, Walid El-Faifi and Ahmed Izzi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Abdelrahman Mahdy

  7. Stopping power of protons in some substances

    • By: Ali Ettwadi and Hussain Maswdy

    • Supervisor: Dr. El-Sayed El-Maghraby

  8. Numerical simulation of some physical Phenomena

    • By: Abdel Aziz Bishi and Walid Moubaraki

    • Supervisor: Dr. Rachid Karmouch

  9. Studying the effect of temperature and dust on the solar cells effeciency

    • By: Jubran Maswadi, Fahd Dibaji and Ahmed Kirire

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohamed Al-Suleiman

  10. Raman Light Scattering in high temperature superconductor

    • By: Abdullah AL-Shahr and Hassan Rethi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohammed Baker

First-Semester 2012-13

  1. Electrical Discharge Phenomena through Solids

    • By: Ahmad Kaisy, Al-Hussein Sakaby and Walid Sebian

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mahmoud Aziz

  2. Space and time evolution of a particle in classical and relativity theories

    • By: Hidar El-Hazmi, Ali Kiriri and Mohamed Kiriri

    • Supervisor: Dr. Fathi Abdel Malek

  3. Effects of Series Resistance and Temperature on the Electrical Characteristics of Si PN Junction Diode.

    • By: Yehia Mahdali and Youssef Gaber

    • Supervisor: Dr. Youssef Pyar

  4. Laser Ablation

    • By: Khaled El-Rajih

    • Supervisor: Dr. Hosam Hegazy

  5. Assessment of Natural Radioactivity Levels and Radiation Hazards for Building Materials Used in Saudi Arabia

    • By: Mohamed El-Barki, El-Barak Ali and Mohamed El-Sam

    • Supervisor: Dr. Yasser Fawzi

  6. Characterization of the structure and some physical properties of the Al-5Ti-1B alloy

    • By: Ahmed Khobrani and Sultan Shagiri

    • Supervisor: Dr. EL-Said Gouda

  7. Theoretical Analysis of the Electromagnetic Waves Propagation in Dielectric waveguides

    • By: Mohamed Gighadi and Abdulla El-Maliki

    • Supervisor: Dr. Abdelrahman Mahdy

  8. Towards understanding the mechanisms cause the quenching of the photoluminescence intensity of ZnO heteroepitaxial and homoepitaxial layers in comparison with bulk ZnO

    • By: Alla Al-Tomaihi, Kassem Ghazwani and Mohammed Kiriri

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohamed Al-Suleiman

  9. Raman light scattering in the high-temperature superconductor YBa2CuO6+x

    • By: Ahmad Atia, Saif Amish and Huessian Tofian

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohamed Bakr

Second-Semester 2011-12

  1. Conduction Mechanism in Polymers

    • By: Bakri Abdou Kaari and Turki Abu Rassin

    • Supervisor: Dr. Ahmed S. El Bayoumi

  2. Quantification of the Immobilized Fraction in Polymer Inorganic Nanocomposites

    • By: Abdallah Essa Dallak and Ahmad Haidar Wadaani

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohamed Arafa Ismail

  3. Structure and Thermal Properties of Sodium Bismuth Borate Glasses

    • By: Olyan Yahya Khabrani and Mohamed Hassan Damri

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohamed Farouk

  4. Magnetic Properties Of Some Ferrites

    • By: Hamad Muied Hattany and Mohammad Ali Sharahili

    • Supervisor: Dr. Ahmed Massoud

  5. Computation Of Zero-Spin Neutral Particles Elastic Scattering By a Nucleus Using The Method of Partial Wave Expansion

    • By: Mohammed Al Jafiry and Abdulrahman Sharwani

    • Supervisor: Dr. Elsayed K. El Maghraby

  6. Study Of Structural Features And Properties Of Some Metallic Alloys And Their Applications

    • By: Yahya Hussin Kariri and Mohamed Jabran Qahl

    • Supervisor: Dr. El Said Gouda

  7. AC Conductivity in Sodium Lead Iron Borate Glass

    • By: Abdallah Hassan Goradi and Zaid Amer Assier

    • Supervisor: Dr. Ehab Mostafa El Agawany

  8. Chernobyl Disaster

    • By: Ahmed Massoud Darraj and Hadi Al Amry

    • Supervisor: Dr. Ali Moustafa

  9. Giger-Miller Counter

    • By: Hussin Ali Al Malky and Hussin Ahmed Al Malky

    • Supervisor: Dr. Ehab El Falaky

  10. Naturally Occuring Radioactive Materials (NORM) In The Petroleum Industry

    • By: Abdou Yahya Al Jabiri and Ali Ebrahim Khabrani

    • SSupervisor: Dr. Khaled Salman

  11. Gamma Ray Spetroscopy Using Nal and HPGe

    • By: Bandar Mtanbak and Mohammad Abu Talib

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohamed Fathallah

  12. Heating and Melting Solid Material Using Pulsed Laser

    • By: Mansoor Essa Hakamy and Ali Ahmed Mharag

    • Supervisor: Dr. Abul Azm Hemida

  13. Density and Atomic Number Measurements With Spectral X-Ray Attenuation Method

    • By: Yousuf Yahya Al Jafiry, Hassan Essa Ghazi, and Ayman Hassan Jaouni

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohamed F. Hawash

  14. Analysis Of Intensity Fluctuations and Quantum Noise In CW Laser Diodes

    • By: Yahya Mussa Tarshy and Ahmed Naji Al Qahtany

    • Supervisor:Dr. Salah Abdulrhmann

First-Semester 2011-12

  1. The Effect of Temperature On carriers concentration and doping concentration for Semiconductors

    • By: Abderrahman Nashib and Muhammad Ajibi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Yousuf Pyar

  2. Effect of Radiations on Si Diods

    • By: Ali Shbili Khayrani and Abdallah Sultan Al-Harthi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Abdul-Basit Karman

  3. Measurement Of natural Radiations Background Level In Some Sites In K.S.A. Indoor and Outdoor

    • By: Wael Housin Walid and Mousa Muhammad Nagafy

    • Supervisor: Dr. Yasser Hassan Fawzi

  4. Study Of the Properties Of Solar Cells, Inorganic and Organic Semiconductors

    • By: Hassan Mousa Al-Rithi and Abdul-Aziz Souleyman

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mahmoud Sami Aziz

  5. Spectroscopy Study Of Plasma Produced by laser Interaction With Matter

    • By: Saoud Muhammad Al-Malki and Ahmad Jabir Ghzawni

    • Supervisor: Dr.Hosam Hegazy

  6. Bragg Gratings For Enhancing Laser Power

    • By: Ali Jabir Ahmadi and Ahmad Jabir Kradi

    • Supervisor: Dr. Fathi Abdelmalek