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The URP Curent Research Projects List

Second Semester-2018-2019

  1. 1-Theoretical study of electronic and geometric properties of graphene

    • By: Aesha Methfer and Fatima Altherwey

    • Supervisor: Dr. Ahlam EL-Barbary

  2. 2-Hydrogen storage in graphene

    • By: Rana Mugrashy and Shoaa Alhreisy

    • Supervisor: Dr. Ahlam EL-Barbary

  3. 3-Determination of Radiation Contamination in Handmade Ceramics by Using SSNTDs

    • By: Noura Shobeer

    • Supervisor:Dr. Entesar Elaraby

  4. 4-Assessment of Natural Radioactivity in Ceramic by Using NaI(Tl)

    • By: Nisreen Johali, Atyaf Alkamli, and Turkayh Almalki

    • Supervisor: Dr. Entesar Elaraby

  5. 5- Renewable Energy in KSA

    • By: Faygah Autef, Aisha Alrithi, and Nagwa Alazize

    • Supervisor: Dr. Najet Aouled Dlala

  6. 6- Scintillation Detectors in Particle Physics

    • By: Esmail Mdawah

    • Supervisor: Dr. Masroor Bukhari

  7. 7- Purify water from Plasma

    • By: Khalid Ali Dalak

    • Supervisor: Dr. Zaka Mujahid

  8. 8- Nuclear Models: Shell Model Deformation

    • By: Hassan Mohammed Almalki

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mahmoud Mahgoub

  9. 9-“numerical study of the influence of adiabatic extensions in vertical

    • By: Neama Tohry,Yasmen Abudiah

    • Supervisor: Dr. Soumaya Teib

  10. 10-“Effect of a heated auxiliary plate on thermo-convective exchanges

    • By: Rihana Elrethy and Basma Hezazy

    • Supervisor: Dr. Soumaya Teib

  11. 11-Hydrogen Fuel cells Technology

    • By: Mariem Hadour and Safa Saddem

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohja Jaouad

  12. 12- Properties of Proton Exchange Membrane For Fuel cells Application

    • By: Hendiya Chajiri and Basma Hezazy

    • Supervisor: Dr. Mohja Jaouadi

  13. 13- Structural and optical properties of doped-ZnO nanoparticles Synthesized by Sol-gel Process

    • By: Khawlah Meajami and Rawan Dibaji

    • Supervisor: Dr.Hayet Mahdhi

  14. 14- Substrate Temperature Effect on electrical and optical properties of ZnO thin layers

    • By: Reem Siram and Munira Saram

    • Supervisor: Dr.Hayet Mahdhi