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  Prof. Ali Ahmad Al-Kamli

  Professor of Physics








Research Interest

Theoretical quantum optics and photonics

Education: BSc, Physics, KSU (1985); Diploma in Physics, Essex University, U.K (1987); MSc, Ph.D., Southampton University, U.K (1987-1992); Visiting Fellow, RTC, University Rochester, U.S.A  (1999-2001); Visiting Fellow, IQIS, University of Calgary, Canada (2007- now).

The research area of Dr.Kamli includes theoretical quantum optics, cavity quantum electrodynamics  Coherent control, and nonlinear light-matter interaction. Photonic crystals and surface plasmons in metamaterials.  Applications of surface polaritons and coherent control in quantum computing and information processing.

Selected Publications


  1. S. A Moiseev, Ali A. Kamli, and Barry C. Sanders ; Fast-all optical switch for weak fields, US Patent number : US2011/0075239 A1 , March 31, 2011.

Recent Publications

  1. 1. Narkis M Arslanov , Sergey A Moiseev and Ali A Kamli ; A transversely localized light in a waveguide : the analytical solution and its potential application, Laser Phys. 27 ( 2017) 025103.
  2. 2. Ali A Kamli, Agus Muhamad Hatta , and M Babiker ; Pair correlations of dipole emitters in a finite charged-sheet structure, AIP conference proceedings 1742, 030002 (2016)
  3. 3. Walid Aurwa, R Horchani, Fathi Abdelmalek , S Haxha, and Ali A Kamli ; Asymmetric transport of light in linearly arrayed metallic nano-particles , Eur. Phys. J. Plus (2016) 131 :317 .
  4. 4. Agus M Hatta , Ali A Kamli, Ola A Alhagan and Sergey A Moiseev ; Slow light with EIT in optical fibre , J. of Phys. B : At. Mol. Opt. Phys 48, 155502 (2015).
  5. 5. Agus Muhamad Hatta, Ali A. Kamli, and M. Babiker ; Deexcitation of dipole emitters in finite ordered charge-sheet structures, Phys. Rev. A 89, 033816 (2014).